Albury City Council Enterprise Agreement

Preferred candidates for certain positions may be used for a functional (physical) assessment prior to employment, if they are assessed on the basis of the intrinsic physical requirements of the workstation, which are clearly defined in the position description. Evaluation is necessary to ensure that applicants have the physical ability to safely meet the inherent physical requirements of the position. People love working at the Wodonga Council because we are an organization that prides itself on having a positive and supportive culture. We are committed to continuous learning and development opportunities to increase and improve the skills of our employees. We have a strong commitment to the Board`s corporate values, such as trust, integrity, learning and respect. Being part of our organization is very proud to work for our community. 1. Send a professional experienced letter to our staff manager outspecing your educational or career goals and why you are interested in gaining work experience with a particular department of the Board. Please indicate the dates and times when you would like to gain work experience. 2. The human resources manager conveys your expression of interest to the head of your elected department. You will be informed, within 10 working days of receiving the application, whether or not the Council can accommodate you as a student of work experience.

Managers can take the student before making a decision. Wodonga is a vibrant and growing city, conveniently located on the Murray River, in a breathtaking natural setting with surrounding hills, rich agricultural valleys, adjacent vineyards and historic towns. Wodonga is one of Victoria`s fastest growing cities and is in a major urban renewal. Being part of our organization is very proud to work for our community. 3. If we can start a professional experience, the educational institution (school, TAFE institution or university) must pass on a professional experience agreement to our staff manager. PLEASE NOTE: In order to increase the likelihood that we will respond to your request for work experience, you must send an expression of interest at least three months before the start of your internship.