Photocopier Service And Maintenance Agreement

Just as your car warranty is not covered if you accidentally drive your car into a light mast, it is unlikely that a service contract will pay the bill for repairing your device if the malfunction is directly caused by what someone in your organization has done to the device (or the network that uses it). A service contract prevents unexpected repair costs and gives you budgetary predictability. If something goes wrong, just call your dealer and a service technician comes to repair the device at no extra cost. A service contract usually covers anything directly related to the device. The minimum contract generally covers quality issues, repairs, parts and labour and provides a priority service. Today, many contracts also include toner maintenance and prevention. If you`re not sure if a service contract for your device is correct, think about the impact of downtime on your business. Purchasing a service contract will ensure that your device will be serviced regularly and that there will be no surprising repair bills. However, some situations may not be the most cost-effective solution for your organization. 6.

We are not responsible for delays or incapacity, directly or indirectly, caused or controlled by strikes, accidents, embargoes, acts of God, 30-day bills or other events outside his control. The contract is not transferable to third parties. If you would like to book a call connection for the photocopier service, please fill out a service registration form and send us our log- What types of printers and copies repair, wait and cover you as part of your service and maintenance contracts? Laser Scanner Repair and service and coverage A3 A4 Color black and white Mono Multifunctions Printer printers document scanners and fax machines. Note: All of our machines are subject to laserscan business equipment approval. Photocopier Expired Lease or non-contract multifunction printer? Talk to the laser scanner to discuss your options, we can run and run your photocopier or printer smoothly, or maybe you want to do an upgrade. Contact the laser scanner to discuss your options. In other cases, it is possible to organize a salary as you go contract, the costs being incurred only if the photocopier needs attention. Here too, this type of arrangement makes more sense for cheaper machines or those that are only used at a fraction of their capacity, since call-out and repair costs are generally higher and you therefore bear greater financial risk.

However, in most cases, the service contract is as essential as your copier itself because of the comfort and safety net. In the case of a lease, you may need to enter into a service agreement and the fees are usually included in your lease. However, when buying, there are still many advantages to offering a service contract that make a smart investment.