Retail Brand Management Agreement

Below are the terms of a legal agreement (“Agreement”) between you and HotelExecutive. By accessing, surfing and/or otherwise using this website, HotelExecutive, you recognize that you have read, understood and accepted these terms and conditions and that you comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including U.S. export and export control laws and regulations. If you do not agree with all these terms and conditions, you cannot access HotelExecutive, search and/or use it. Materials provided on HotelExecutive are protected by law, including, but not limited to, U.S. copyright and international treaties. The government uses management contracts to advance and develop the skills of local managers and workers. They also commend contract management companies for modernizing and operating public services. [7] b. All royalty reports that must be provided by Brand to b8ta (the “pricing reports”) are either (i) by the use of B8ta software, as indicated by b8ta, or (ii) certified in writing by an authorized Brand representative. Brand holds the following articles in relation to royalty reports (which can be kept electronically): (a) complete and accurate records and records, in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles that are consistently applied, including, but not exclusively, to a sales book, a primary register and all relevant account statements; (b) all revenues related to amounts indicated in royalty reports and credits, refunds and other related transactions; (c) detailed original statements of possible exclusions or deductions from the amounts indicated in the tax reports and (d) of other documents and information that are reasonably requested by b8ta to confirm the accuracy of these reports. All books, receipts and records that must be kept in connection with these reports are kept for one (1) year after the end of each calendar year and must be electronically checked and checked by b8ta or its representative at any time during normal business hours.