Scsu Consortium Agreement

South Carolina Transfer and Joint Centre (SCTRAC) All two- and four-year-old public institutions publish information on the articulation and transmission of the course, including, but not limited to the A-D points mentioned above, on the South Carolina Transfer and Joint Center website ( all courses accepted by each state institution (including the 86 courses in the Statewide Articulation Agreement) and their course equivalencies (including courses included in the “optional” category) are provided on In addition, articulation agreements between South Carolina public universities are made available on, are updated when articulation agreements are added or modified and their accuracy will be verified each year. All other transfer information published on is verified at least once a year and updated if necessary. A consortium agreement allows registered students to attend classes at another school and obtain financial assistance from the SCSU (Home School). The student`s combined education burden must be at least equal to the mid-term status (6 credits for students, 4.5 credits for higher education graduates) per semester. The portability guarantee for course work covered by the Policy Coursework transfer (i.e. individual courses, transfer blocks and national agreements) under this transfer policy is transferable when the student has completed the course with a “C” grade (2.0 on a scale of 4.0) or higher. However, the transfer of notes does not exempt the student from the requirement to meet the requirements of the MPA or other admission requirements of the institution or program to which an application was made.

In addition, each four-year institution that has institutional or programmatic admission requirements for transfer students with cumulative averages (GPAs) of more than 2.0 on a scale of 4.0 applies these access requirements in the same way to transfer students from regionally accredited South Carolina public institutions, whether students move from a four- or two-year institution.